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A bit about the book:

After graduating college, Faye, along with her dog Puffy and best friend move to Washington, D.C. to start the next chapter of their lives. The three of them navigate sharing a tiny studio apartment and adapting to living in the city. But very quickly, Faye realizes something isn’t as it seems. As her quirky talents become stronger and she stumbles across a magical compass, Faye must learn to accept who she is and where she comes from. Join along as Faye’s adventures in the Capitol test her friendships, love, sense of self, and, most of all, bring fun moments with her sassy dog. 

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Estimated release: 2022

A bit about the book:

After tagging along with a group of friends to her mother’s pizza parlor, a sudden fire in the restaurant changes everything about Sarah’s life. Entrusted with priceless ancient jewels to protect, she must leave everyone she’s ever known behind. Trying to rebuild and meeting a charming neighbor, she’s summoned back to where it all began. Double-crossed is a book that explores the line between good and evil, the strength of family ties, and the power of choosing who you want to be and who you decide to love.